America concludes the process against Pumas and advances to the semi-finals

América concluded the process of the quarterfinals against Pumas by defeating them 2-1 on the Azteca Stadium and qualifying for the semifinals. The hopes of the cats only lasted four minutes and as in the first game the errors and deconcentrations were lethal to the hated rival. Mateus Uribe stole the ball halfway to Luis Fuentes and kicked back the ball, opened Jérémy Ménez, who returned the pass to then score 1-0. The quest for mastery of the midfield ignited the auriazule elements. The Chilean Marcelo Diaz lost his head and in less than a minute the whistling Marco Antonio Ortiz showed him two yellow cards. His squad had to look for five goals with nine elements. The collective game of felines became the individual efforts of Nicolás Castillo and Matías Alustiza, who sought to open the Agustín Marchesín hut in the medium and long distance.

Although the Eagles dominated in the scoreboard, the whole of Pedregal left in evidence the shortcomings of the defense of Miguel Herrera and showed that speed is the weapon to overcome his back.Special offer on today's betting free tips.

Jesús Gallardo made his way down the right wing and scored for Agustín Marchesín, but the defenders did nothing to avoid the equalizer. In the second half, Nicolás Castillo, the best player in the UNAM, left his squad with nine men when committing a foul on Edson Álvarez and thereby winning the red card. The local fans sang and were thrilled to see this situation. Then, on a long ball, Pablo Barrera beat three opponents, but he could not beat Marchesín, who saved with both hands.

The winning goal fell as a result of the numerical superiority and spaces generated. Andrés Ibargüen finished on the bottom right side of Alfredo Saldívar and dictated a lapidary 6-2 in the electronic. With the series resolved, the azulcrema fans rejoiced with the touches of their squad. They shouted "olé" before the passing streak and gave themselves time to lament a free kick charge by Joe Corona that was nowhere to turn into the third goal.